Bang Bang BangSept- Dec 2011, Out of Joint,Bolton Octagon, Royal Court+ touring
'A particular mention should be made of the excellent, understated work by designer Miriam Nabarro who has herself spent time in the DRC. The details she introduces, from the beer bottles to the design of the simple living spaces, all ring perfectly true.'
****Kevin E.G. Perry, Exeunt Magazine

'Max Stafford-Clark's direction is delicate and subtle amid simple staging. It awakens you to the pity, dignity and terror of Africa.' ****Libby Purves, The Times

'Under Max Stafford-Clark's smart direction, the only clanking comes from Miriam Nabarro's astute set, its mobile metal walls as hard and cold as gun casings, and as ineffective a form of protection.' ****Nina Caplan, Time Out

“A talented international cast, complex characters and a demanding storyline… Stafford- Clark delivers a taut show and uses Andy Smith’s relentless backing music to drive the production excitingly forward and maintain the atmosphere of constant peril… Wonderful writing… Orla Fitzgerald suggests that, despite her maturity and courage, Sadhbh is a damaged woman who may be using the challenges of her humanitarian work to avoid emotional engagement. It is a fearless and riveting performance… Bang Bang Bang is Stella Feehily’s best work to date”
Whatsonstage Dave Cunningham 7 Sept 2011 4*

“Witty, warm and human”
The Public Reviews 6 Sept 2011 4*

What an amazing experience. We still haven't got our head around it. I am lost for words. When does that happen to me?” Louise Fairley, who the character ‘Suzy’ is based on

Front Page G2 Feature 28 April 2014The Guardian

‘Tamasha brings it off beautifully … My Name is… is a love story and a fascinating portrait of migrant attitudes and cultural, familial, religious and gender differences.’One

‘Sudha Bhuchar does a marvellous job in weaving these three voices into a conversation across continents ... beautifully timed by director Philip Osment ... engaging and moving … beautifully played.'British Theatre Guide

'Authentic and moving.'
East End Review

The Snow Queen, Polka Theatre Nov 19 2010- Feb 5 2011
"Tapping the rich seam of imagery that conveys a coldly logical adult world at odds with the redemptive innocence of childhood...The glittering, ice-cold world of the Snow Queen is conjured through lighting, sound effects and animation design - frost crystals are illuminated on a backlit screen, heart-freezing shards of an enchanted mirror are picked out on whitewashed’s the arresting visual tricks and romantic sweep of Julian Butler’s music that create the real drama in this snowbound story for Christmas. "
The Stage, Nov 29 2010

Mad Bludverbatim, edited and directed by Philip Osment, Theatre Royal Stratford East 2011
Miriam Nabarro’s powerful set commanded attention with a very real resonance, by writing names and ages of murdered teenagers on the walls.
A Younger theatre

SE1 9PX: Hidden Corners, National Theatre
Miriam Nabarro's remarkable pictures go behind the scenes to reveal the dramatic inner workings of the National Theatre... her photographs were taken...using obsolete [film]stock, were then crossprocessed, a technique that fills the glossy squares with lustrous colour that seems appropriately theatrical. As with the NT, there is method behind this magic, and they celebrate all of its unsung organisation
The Independent on Sunday, 15 August 2010

The theatre designer and photographer Miriam Nabarro has been skulking around the hidden corners and secret places of the National Theatre...Using a Hasselblad camera older than the theatre itself, she gives these mysterious images a gorgeously retro feel, with high contrast and saturated colour, like a 1970s movie
The Times, 20 August 2010, The Editors Choice, Visual Arts

The Great Game: Afghanistan Tricycle Theatre
Nominated for Outstanding Achievement in an Affiliate Theatre, Olivier Awards 2010
Nominated for Threatrical Event of the Year, Whatsonstage Awards 2010

**** The Guardian Micheal Billington
"...a mind-blowing achievement...these plays give us the chance to make an informed judgment. And I can only salute the entire cast...and the design of Pamela Howard and Miriam Nabarro. Something remarkable is happening at the Tricycle, where Afghan history and culture are being made manifest in a uniquely challenging, theatrically exciting way."

**** Whatsonstage.comMichael Coveney “one of the major highlights of the year ... don’t miss this dramatic, often poetic, intervention in what is clearly a necessary war.”

**** Daily TelegraphCharles Spencer “The quality of the writing, and the painstaking nature of the research are palpable throughout...Directed with precision...superbly acted...this is a challenging theatrical marathon of notable intelligence, insight, ambition and achievement.”

**** The TimesDominic Maxwell “...its scope is unparallelled. It’s a fine achievement.”

****Evening Standard Fiona Mountford “The cumulative impact, as we trace recurring patterns of interference from foreign powers, religious extremism, the opium trade and conflicts between intractable tribal chiefs, is immense … most movingly of all...[the] beautiful painted mural backdrop is whitewashed by Taliban henchmen then collapses to give way to an uninterrupted vista of poppy fields.”

Dr Korczak's Example Royal Exchange Studio, Manchester
MEN Best Studio Production 2008
Korczak's legacy remains enshrined in international law as the basis for the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, whose stipulations include the right to play, the right to an education and the right to protest. He did not specify the right to challenging, inventive and intelligent theatre, but this admirable production adds it to the list.
****Alfred Hickling, The GaurdianJune 12 2008

Miriam Nabarro's design deserves special praise. The stage furniture is made up from ingeniously employed '40s style suitcases...Minimal is the watchword for the whole production. Another example of the clever stagecraft is in Dr Korczak's occasional challenges to an unseen German soldier represented by a suspended uniform and a lighting effect.' Andrew Edwards, The British Theatre Guide

Palace of the End Royal Exchange Studio, Manchester, Galway Festival and Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh
2009 Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award
A truly formidable piece of work- 3 absolutely stunning pieces together encompass the range of consequences of political decisions, from the individual human level right up to the stresses on society as a whole.Amnesty International UK

The minimal set leaves the cast with a blank canvas... and benefits from this sense of space.... As I leave the Traverse, a cacophony of awestruck whispers follow me out. This is a solemn, but intensely memorable production and a genuinely important piece of theatre. *****Fest August 2009

Formidable theatre Scotsman, 28 August 2009

Mesmerising performances.... the art of the monologue close to perfection *****Elizabeth Kirkwood, The Telegraph 17 August 2009

The Winters TaleHeadlong/ Schtanhaus/ Nuffield
'This is a really terrific touring production: uncluttered, good at storytelling, neatly designed with a nod to the 1930s, and full of nifty touches.' ****The Guardian, Lyn Gardner