I moved to Sudan in August 2001 to head up a psychosocial programme for children and communities affected by conflict. I worked closely with a talented team of Sudanese artists, Athanasius, Noaman, Nadia, Khalid, Munir, Walid and Suleima, supported by Roos Boer, and we began community based creative arts programmes with displaced people living in the large camps outside Khartoum and Omdurman, with Shammassa or 'children of the sun' (street children) and children in reformatories and government centres, and homes for children affected by disability.
This work was supported by several international organisations, most generously by the British Council.

See also Feast of Colour: creating something out of nothing: art making with children of a forgotten war by Miriam Nabarro, Art Therapy and Political Violence ed B Lloyd and D Kalmonitz, Routledge 2005

"This is where I want to live" Omdurman, Sudan 2001 Wau, Sudan 2002 Khartoum, Sudan 2002 Wau, Sudan Khartoum, Sudan Sudan, 2002 Khartoum, Sudan 2002 Khartoum, Sudan, 2002 Malakal, Sudan 2002 Malakal, Sudan