Palace of the End,
by Judith Thompson, directed by Greg Hersov,
lit by Richard Owen, sound by Clare Windsor,
produced by Richard Morgan for the Royal Exchange Studio, Manchester, transferring to Galway Festival and the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh Festival 2009

Winner of Amnesty International Freedom of Speech Award 2009
nominated for Best Studio Production, Best New Play and Best Actress, MEN Awards 2009

***** The Guardian 9/2/09, Alfred Hitching
"...combines the most penetrating images of the Iraq war into a compelling miniature - and it is often miniatures that come closest to perfection."

*****The Telegraph 17/8/09 Elizabeth Kirkwood
"...“The greatest sin of our age is knowing the things we do and doing nothing because it's an inconvenience.” Mesmerizing performances from all three actors more than meet Thompson's triumph in imbuing each voice with a unique conviction... You are left wondering if when the Iraq inquiry announces its findings (in a predicted 2011) they will reveal anything close to the insight into power and violence this piece already possesses.
The art of the monologue close to perfection.'

**** The Independent 16/2/09 Lynne Walker
"... in "Instruments of Yearning" Eve Polycarpou conquers the hardest of roles, a ghost, detailing with chilling calmness the wrenching true story of Nehrjas, whose inhumane treatment at the hands of Saddam Hussein's secret police in the 1970s is almost unbearable to hear. Greg Hersov's sensitive production is all the more effective for the sparseness of the set, the painterly lighting and the tying together of these three compelling tales with the lightest of final touches. "

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 Palace of the End