The Great Game: Afghanistanis a series of 12 new plays charting the dynamic relationship between Afghanistan and Britain since 1842, commissioned by Nick Kent and the Tricycle Theatre , by leading contemporary playwrights including David Greig, David Edgar, J T Rogers, Abi Morgan, Colin Teeven, Simon Stephens, Richard Bean, Stephen Jeffreys.
directed by Nick Kent, Indhu Rubasingham and Rachel Grunweld
Designed by Pamela Howard and Miriam Nabarro
Lit by James Farncombe, sound by Tom Lishman

Afghanistan: The Great Game has returned from its successful US tour, and will perform at The Pentagon on in February 2011!

the production designs, by Pamela Howard and Miriam Nabarro... convey the passage of time through a lyrical visual shorthand that includes a mural of Afghan history that is whitewashed into blankness
New York Times 7/12/10

Nominated for Outstanding Achievement in an Affiliate Theatre, Olivier Awards 2010
Nominated for Threatrical Event of the Year, Whatsonstage Awards 2010

**** The Guardian Micheal Billington
"...a mind-blowing achievement... I can only salute the entire cast...and the design of Pamela Howard and Miriam Nabarro. Something remarkable is happening at the Tricycle, where Afghan history and culture are being made manifest in a uniquely challenging, theatrically exciting way."

**** Whatsonstage.comMichael Coveney “one of the major highlights of the year ... ”

**** Daily TelegraphCharles Spencer “this is a challenging theatrical marathon of notable intelligence, insight, ambition and achievement.”

**** The TimesDominic Maxwell “...its scope is unparallelled. It’s a fine achievement.”

****Evening Standard Fiona Mountford

 Bugles at the Gates of Jalalabad   by S. Heffreys, dir I. Rubasingham 
 Bugles at the gates of Jalalabad   by S.Jeffreys, dir I.Rubasinham 
 Lolita Chakrabati as Gohar Shah   Tricycle, 2009 
 Black Tulips by David Edgar   dir Nick Kent 
 Blood and Gifts by J T Rogers   dir R Grunweld 
 Blood and Gifts by J T Rogers   dir R. Grunweld 
 Miniskirts of Kabul, by D Greig   dir Inhu Rubasingham 
 Mohammad Mashall is threatened...   Great Game, Tricycle 2009 
 Lion of Kabul by Colin Teeven   dir by Indhu Rubasingham 
 The Fall of the Twin Towers   Tricycle, 2009 
 Night is Darkest   by A Morgan, dir I Rubasingham 
 Night is Darkest..   by Abi Morgan, dir I. Rubasingham 
 On the Side of Angels by R Bean   dir Indhu Rubasingham