“You get a cook, a cleaner, a driver and you get paid. I’ll be watching out for you.”

A seasoned humanitarian worker and her idealistic young colleague embark on a trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo. For Mathilde it’s an induction into a life less ordinary. For Sadhbh it’s back to madness and chaos away from her lover and London – exactly as she likes it.

But while Mathilde lets off steam with a photographer and a spliff, Sadhbh has her own encounter: tea with a smart, brutal young warlord she’s investigating. Or is he investigating her?

Stella Feehily brings her trademark wit and emotional insight to this thrilling new play that goes behind the public face of charities, journalists and NGOs.

Cast includes: Frances Ashman, Babou Ceesay, Julie Dray, Jack Farthing, Orla Fitzgerald, Dan Fredenburgh and Paul Hickey.

Director: Max Stafford-Clark Designer: Miriam Nabarro Lighting: Johanna Town Sound: Andy Smith Movement Director: Mark Murphy

'A particular mention should be made of the excellent, understated work by designer Miriam Nabarro who has herself spent time in the DRC. The details she introduces, from the beer bottles to the design of the simple living spaces, all ring perfectly true.'
****Kevin E.G. Perry, Exeunt Magazine

'Max Stafford-Clark's direction is delicate and subtle amid simple staging. It awakens you to the pity, dignity and terror of Africa.' ****Libby Purves, The Times

'Under Max Stafford-Clark's smart direction, the only clanking comes from Miriam Nabarro's astute set, its mobile metal walls as hard and cold as gun casings, and as ineffective a form of protection.' ****Nina Caplan, Time Out

 photo by John Heynes     
 photo by John Heynes     
 Photo by Miriam Nabarro     
 Photo by John Heynes     
 Photo by Miriam Nabarro     
 Photo by John Heynes     
 Photo by John Heynes     
 Photo by Miriam Nabarro     
 Concept Drawing Miriam Nabarro     
 photo by John Heynes