My Name Is... by Sudha Bhucher, directed by Philip Osment, designed by Miriam Nabarro, lit by Ian Scott Arcola Theatre, London, Tron Theatre Glasgow and UK tour 2014. Three week run at Northern Stage, Summerhall, Edinburgh Fringe, prior to Scottish tour, Autumn 2015.

"There is nothing hollow about the language of the brilliant My Name is… a verbatim play vividly constructed by Sudha Bhuchar and elegantly directed by Philip Osment. The story – of tensions in a mixed-race marriage and unfortunate media attention – is presented with extraordinary balance and insight, and the three actors handle the brave overlapping deliveries and subtleties of character with relish. The boundaries of home and foreignness are trodden with careful selections of language and emotions, depicting the warmth and personalities – ignored by the media – of each character" The Skinny, ****

All credit to Sudha Buchar, director Philip Osment and Tamasha for taking on an impossible subject and dealing with it even-handedly. My Name is… presents difficult moral and ethical questions in an intelligent manner by focusing on the personal and using testimonies that appear to be verbatim. Its main strength lies in allowing all three characters to speak in their own voices, even where these conflict. This is an impressively serious contribution to a Fringe. British Theatre Guide ****

Sudha Bhuchar has created a script which simultaneously pulls no punches and leaves no stone unturned, telling an already intriguing story from every angle possible....Combined with a cleverly put-together set, minimal-yet-effective lighting and a script which weaves multiple dialogues together like a verbal dance, “My Name Is…” was one of the most striking, thought-provoking and immensely entertaining shows at Fringe. This is one of those rare productions I wish everyone could see: one which approaches polarising subjects with sensitivity, nuance and tact, whilst retaining a thrilling degree of entertainment. Absolutely bloody excellent. *****

'...Humorous and entertaining ... 'My Name is...' makes a powerful case for clear rather than prejudiced thinking.' Time Out, 4 stars

'...absolutely gripping ... a drama of terrific integrity’The Scotsman 4*

'My Name is… is better than any family drama has any right to be.... Paranoia is stitched into the fabric of the play: Miriam Nabarro’s evocative set design features a split living room showing Ghazala and her father’s perspective in Pakistan? and Suzy’s in Scotland, with ‘curtains’ which are eerily comprised of tabloid headlines…thus they are constantly being watched and judged by the world. Exeunt Magazine 5*

'...easily one of the best new plays in Scotland this year.’TV Bomb 5*

'The play captures the light-headed joy of the original courtship. Bhuchar's even-handed, unhysterical approach pays dividends"The Guardian

‘Sudha Bhuchar does a marvellous job in weaving these three voices into a conversation across continents ... beautifully timed by director Philip Osment ... engaging and moving … beautifully played.'British Theatre Guide