Shiver written and directed by Tarek Iskander, performed by Peter Stephens and Emily Tucker, designed by Miriam Nabarro and Amy Yardley

Shiver is a re-imagination of The Tempest, set twelve years after the events of Shakespeare's play. Using language from the original, writer/ director Tarek Iskander weaves together a world in which, from their isolated positions, Miranda and Prospero struggle towards reconciliation.
Shiver was created specifically for The Yard, a new theatre space in Hackney Wick which is created from reclaimed materials from the Olympic Park. Working with co-designer Amy Yardley, the space was flooded and light shone into the shallows to create an ever changing projection of moving water on the back wall. With Special Thanks to Erik at the Yard.

'If there exists an award for the ‘best set design’ for the Fringe it should go to Miriam Nabarro and Amy Yardley of Theatre6 who have transformed the cavernous dimensions of a factory unit into Prospero’s island. The superlatives cannot be found to describe the dynamic nature of their creation in which the water itself becomes a character in the enactment of Prospero’s colossal parental failure of Mirand. The rippling effects picks up Vivienne Clavering’s lighting design magically. As the hauntingly beautiful original musical composition by Danyal Dhandy is mixed with it, the audience is in no doubt that ‘the elements’ are far more powerful than mere mortals who like Prospero have believed in the past that they can be ‘mastered’. ' Josey De Rossi Fringe Review